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  • I can't seem to find a straight answer, but I'm getting frustrated so I thought I'd ask.

    Is it possible to fade an entire layer over time, not an object, so that multiple layers within one layout can be used?

    The only thing I could perceive causing a problem from forum answers is having objects with additive effects on the layer. But all I'm getting now is either no fade, or a snap to invisible.

    System While


    -Set Layer 2 opacity to LayerOpacity(2)-1

    System Every Tick


    -Set Layer 2 opacity to LayerOpacity(2)-1

    I also tried subtracting with time deltas, essentially every answer I could think of/find in the forum. I'm on R146.

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  • Looks like you are fading the layers opacity ok.

    can you post an example? I can not really think of anything off hand that could be causing this.

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