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  • Hi guys.

    Since I'm in the process of creating a presentation for Friday's graduate school, I figured it's time to put Construct 2 to some good work.

    The whole presentation is made in Construct 2 which made it quite easy to add all the multimedia stuff I wanted it to have.

    The last thing I'm stuck with, however, are fade in effects.

    Does anyone know how to

    a) Have a whole screen fade in pixelation style (like in those old Mode 7 games)?

    b) Have text smoothly fade from invisible to fully visible?

  • What you wanna to is have a whole layer devoted to your fade effect. Make sure it's the top layer and make it black or whatever color you want to fade to. Then you make an event that says to adjust the opacity when you specify. I sorely wish this was a built in feature. As for fading text you can add the fade behavior to any text or sprite.

  • Hm. Doesn't really work for me.

    Am I doing this correctly?

    I added another layer, set the background of that layer to black and opacity to 100. I then added an action that says "On left mouse click - set layer opacity to 0).

    Also. Is there no simple way to do a pixelated fade in (which is probably an entirely different matter, since it requires some sort of effect or shader)?

    EDIT: Never mind.

    My text was set to invisible, that's why it wouldn't fade in.

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  • one way to do pixel-fadein

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