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  • Hi i have fade effect problem. I have object with fade behhavior and i need to do event On fade in finished but it is not there..... There is only On fade out finished and when i use it, it does not work.

    PS: Properties ( fadein time 1, wait time 0 and fadeout time 0)

    Pls help me :/

  • I have a condition "On fade-out finished". Are you sure you haven't overlooked it? By the way, it's a condition not an action.

    Also make sure your fade object's "Destroy" property isn't set to "After fade-out"

  • Sorry I made mistake, I corected it, chcekt it now ..... I need this On fade in :/

  • Oh, I see. Well, the fade behaviour sets the opacity of the object, so you can use "Compare Opacity". If it's equal to 100, the fade in is finished.

  • Or you could make 2 fade behaviors

    fade 1 would be 0 in wait and fade fade out

    fade 2 would be fading out

    you will see 2 fade menus in the event section of your object

    just select the "on fade finished " of the fade 1 event section !

  • :

    Well, the problem is there's no "on fade-in finished" condition, only "on fade-out finished" so the condition doesn't meet it's requirements when the fade-in is done.

  • You didn't understand Nimtrix

    The event activate when the fade is finished

    So an object with 0 in wait and fade-out options

    would only fade in

    Edit: i will post a capx as soon as I acess to my PC

  • :

    I see what you mean now, but I still don't think it would do what he wants. If he uses "fade-out", the sprite would go from 100 to 0 opacity, but with "fade-in" it goes from 0 to 100 opacity.

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  • Nimtrix Yup , that's it !

    Sorry :) , didn't understand it !

  • Two things:

    1) this seems a very valid missing feature, so should be posted as a request to General board as a suggestion.

    2) I had a similar thought on the workaround. Use two objects, with the opposite settings but have the fade-out one be your fade-in trigger.


  • blackhornet

    I agree it should be a feature, but comparing opacity works fine. I mean, that's probably what the condition does anyway.

    Quick .capx: FadeInOpacity.capx (r99)

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