How do I make the Fade behavior treat the object's opacity as the starting and ending opacity?

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  • How do I make the Fade behavior treat the object's opacity as the starting and ending opacity for fade-outs and fade-ins respectively instead of that always being 100? The poor design of the Fade behavior always ends up in a 100 opacity when fully faded-in, ignoring the object's set opacity, and even bumps the opacity to 100 at the beginning of a fade-out! The correct design would have been to treat the current set opacity as the max opacity at the start of fade-outs and as the destination value of fade-ins, instead of just 100 every time. I know I can use the Sine behavior to change opacity over time instead, but I'm looking for a more time-saving fix involving over 200 objects that I've already committed to fading in and out using the normal behavior (Understandably, I assumed that a behavior called 'Fade' would be the greatest way to fade objects in and out).

  • Are these 200 objects all fading at the same time?

    I don't think there is a simple way to do this Fade behavior. I would suggest adding all these objects to a family and adding LiteTween behavior on the family. You will still need to change the events manually, of course..

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  • No they don't fade at the same time. I'll test out certain ideas I have soon, such as anytime opacity >50%, set opacity to 50%. Otherwise I'll try LiteTween, where every time a fade starts, skip it, and instead set off a LiteTween action. Just wish there were a way to customize the actual Fade behavior in C2. Thanks

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