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  • I have a sprite that has about five single frame animations, each one showing a character with a different facial expression.

    I can switch between these perfectly fine in the event editor, but I was wondering if it was possible to get these to fade into each other rather than just instantly switch? Is there a way to fade between animations?

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  • There is a pre-set fade behaviour you can apply to objects. In the event sheet you can then do something like

    Set Animation Frame 1

    Start Fade

    On FadeOut Finished > Set: Animation Frame 2

    Start Fade


    Ensure you don't have 'Destroy after fade out' set to Yes and it should switch between each animation after each fade out.

  • But wouldn't that cause the sprite to fade out (as in, become completely transparent) before fading in again?

    I was hoping for the images to actually fade into each other, like a typical fade transition.

  • Then you need to set up some logic where instead of fading, it decreases opacity over time then changes animation. I imagine you would need two separate objects for that too. I don't think there's a simple option for fading images in and out like that. Maybe there is somewhere, hidden : D

  • Alright, i've managed to fudge together some working fading using two objects like you said. It creates a new object, moves it underneath the original, changes the animation of the new one, and then activates the fade out of the upper one.

    It's a bit hacky, but it works for what I need. Thanks for the help. :)

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