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  • Hi guys and sory for my weak english.

    I creating a small Facebook game and my game have a score system, I using Facebook.Score for save player's score.When player starting game I showing game's first,second,third players here it is ;

    And my problem : If player friend with first player or second and third oke that is true, but player not a friend with first player game dont showing first player then second player goes to first and third goes to second ...

    I prepare a table here :

    Look at the table Jack must be firstplayer with his score but he is not friend with Cristina then game dont showing Jack and David goes to firstplayer because he is friend with Cristina...

    I didnt see any option in Facebook app settings for this problem.

    How can I make the game with global setting ?

    Can I do it with Construct2 or this is a Facebook problem ?

    This is very importent for me Please if you know anything please help me

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