How do I Make the facebook plugin work?

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  • I am using Construct 2 Release 200 built on March 16, 2015.

    My problem: facebook plugin does not work when run in mobile phone with apk built with Intel XDK Crosswalk for Android. It works in Construct 2 test using localhost. It is just a simple wall post I am asking the plugin to do. Works in computer test, does not work in mobile apk install.

    What I have done: spent hours reading on this issue, and most of these issues were from early this year and last year. The latest "apparent" solution update on this issue is yesterday which is found here But this solution requires a download of an apk by the author OR buy from him. Does this mean that this facebook plugin issue has not been given attention by C2 up to now that we need to rely on another author to fix it?

    I would expect the issue to have been resolved since the C2 im using is fairly new and the issue is fairly old. But apparently I am missing something here. Please pardon the tone but my nerves are frayed. It is entirely possible that the solution is so simple that nobody pays attention to it: like writing a single line of code using facebook sdk or something. If that is the case, please somebody tell me because I had high hopes for C2 to make my life easier, not make it worse. :p

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