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  • Hi there,

    I am currently struggeling with setting up the Facebook App Center parameters for a construct mobile app that runs on an android phone.

    I read all the tutorials and digged in the forum for days, but apparently I got a brainblocker somehow.

    How do you configure the Facebook App Detail page for a construct mobile app ?

    Especially the parts App Domains/native android app/web or handy url.

    Then tutorial says nothing more than "If you have a web-enabled app, or an iOS or Android native app, you can fill out the other fields accordingly." - but how ? <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    So the questions are (for a mobile/android app):

    • what is the app domain fo a android mobile app (there is no website hosting something) ?
    • what are the correct settings for the "native android app" part (hash etc. is no problem, more the checkboxes - which one to check) ?
    • do i have to specify than a website url or handy web ? If so, which one ? Do i have to keep a copy of the app on a site somewhere for verification ?

    I presume I have a brain blocker somewhere as I don't think that this is a complex problem, but somehow I just don't get it so any help is very much appreciated. I am happy to compile all answers and create a tutorial afterwards, if we can find an allround solution.



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  • anybody ?

  • *push*

    Nobody with construct2 and FB on Android ?

    C'mon guys...share your wisdom ;) Any hint is rewarded with an invitation to stop by (in Bavaria - free beer included ;))

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