How do I make the Facebook object work for native iOS apps?

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  • Hi guys,

    Has anyone actually managed to get the C2 Facebook object to work for native iOS apps?

    I've looked through all the forums and tuts but can't find any good information on it.

    So far, what I've done is:

    • Added the FB object into the game and configured it properly (app ID and app secret)
    • Created the app on FB, added the iOS platform and configured all the relevant fields (Bundle ID, Single Sign-on switched on etc)
    • Note that I do not have a valid iPhone or iPad store ID as the app is still in development
    • Loaded the app onto iTunesConnect and installed it on multiple test devices

    The result is the same every time. Everything works well, but the Facebook object just doesn't seem to do anything. Clicking on the FB log-in button in my game yields no response.

    Note that the in-game code is correct since when I click on the same button while testing within Construct 2 on localhost, it does trigger a FB log-in screen.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Bump. Anyone at all?

    Does the Facebook object simply not work on native iOS?

  • Bump again. Could anyone tell me how I can tag a moderator in this post so I can actually get an answer?

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  • Ashley

    Any insight? Is the Facebook object compatible with native iOS apps exported with Phonegap?

    If not, what options do we have for native iOS Facebook integration?

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