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  • Hello all,

    After a day long search of c2, cocoonjs and facebook developer page documentation and forum posts, I think I am now eligible to ask this directly.

    Can I use the facebook object in mobile app, especially to share player score (not neccessarily scoreboard)?

    Cocoonjs doesn't seem to support it. I have tried it myself to no avail. I have enabled facebook extension from coconjs compilation page, added facebook object to my game, prepped the facebook developer page, enabled android usage but in the game, when I want to post, nothing happens. Current tutorial on cocoonjs made by Ashley already says this is not supported, anyways...

    To make sure I did not make a mistake, I tried the same game in html5 export and it works perfectly.

    Is there anything else I can do from c2 or cocoonjs side to make this work?

    Does crosswalk support the official facebook object of construct 2?

    I did use the browser objects go to url function to create a post on facebook, and it works, however it is a child's play to cheat with the score you are sending in the post. One just needs to edit the url and can post any score they want. Is there a way to circumvent this?

    I cannot post an image without using facebook object; facebook does not accept the canvas screenshot url I put in the browser objects "go to url" function to make the post. Has anyone achieved this?

    After a good week fighting to be able to put the game in the android market with advertisements, it is a little bit sad to not be able to use most basic of social functions in an easy way. I feel like this is hampering c2's potential a little bit.

    Either that, or I just failed at making this work. Please help.



  • If your game has an actual web address rather than a google play, iTunes Store........ Then yes you can. If you are creating a true mobile app then I don't believe there are many options available other than using php calls from your own server to make facebook calls and use your mobile app to send calls to your server.

    I know a lot of people would like a Facebook mobile plugin. I'm looking into whether or not jquery mobile would work in order to add mobile calls to the facebook plugin I'm creating.

  • thanks , php server thing sounds doable. However, how am I going to get player's facebook login from my server? From their device facebook api gets their login status automatically and starts posting, does it work when I do the php server route?

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  • The fact the Facebook object does not work on CocoonJS is a documented limitation.

  • Ashley, does the Facebook object work for Android applications [Crosswalk] and iOS [Ejecta]?

    It should be for Android according to this https://www.scirra.com/blog/133/introdu ... to-android

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