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  • I would like to know if it could be posible to return the friends UserID when prompting the Request hi-score board for the facebook plugin; so it would be easier to access the friends information to display on the game using de sdk for facebook or the graph api.

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  • Unfortunately, Construct 2 alone does not have the power to store other computer's data, other than local storage. To create a high-score leaderboard, you have to download the playtomic plugin. See this forum post for more info. Don't worry, I've used the Playtomic plugin before and it is 100% safe.

  • Help - that answer doesn't seem relevant to the question...

    I've added to the todo list to be able to get the UserID from the hi-score board.

  • Oh yeah, Ashley, I see what he is asking now. However, you could just ask the user to type in their User ID for now...

  • Hello C2 Help, I already made a high-score leaderboard but with php, but when I get the on hi-score board with construct 2 I only get names, if I have more than one friend with the same name I can't know which one is unless I have the UserID from FB; and I'm newly to FB api and fql to make my one hi-score board; and if the facebook plugin give us that it could be very helpful. Thanks Ashley.

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