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  • Hi

    I'm trying have facebook hiscores, but I just have the results "0"

    for all players...The score results for player display OK ,the names from players display OK in hi scores, but the pontuation in hi scores always give me "0" I think I'm doing something wrong in my exposures sheets.Here a screenshot from my exposure sheet.

    Could you help me?

    <img src="http://www.escoladeaxe.com/referencia_01.jpg" border="0" />

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  • I haven't used the facebook plugin, so I'm not sure but wouldn't this topic be relevant to the question ?

  • hi Kyatric

    Yes I read this topic and my code looks right but I have the same problem yet...

  • event 5 -> "Publish score 0" ?? o_o

  • Yann

    Thank you for your atention.

    well,The user score work correct but to try I changed "Publish score 0" to "Facebook.Score".It's work fine too, but no help to publish hi scores.Every player just return "0".

    You can try here:


  • event 5 should be something like

    "Publish score myScore"

    where 'myScore' would be the global number you use to keep track of score during the game

    I never made any facebook game so I can't be sure but, to me, that's the only weird part of your code.

  • hummm... I can't find reference to something like this in manual, but I'll read again

  • Yann is correct, Facebook.score returns the facebook score of the user.

    You need to keep your score in a global variable and then publish that global variable. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey guys thank you a lot ! I was not using my global variable name...

    a stupid detail...I think is working now.

    Please try my game, I'd like your comments.

    Thank you very much.

  • ...out of curiosity. If You put your game on facebook is it visible for everyone straight away? or you can do some tests and then show it to everyone?

  • Facebook has a 'sandbox mode' which lets you make it only visible for certain specified users. Thats what I used for testing my own facebook game, and when you're happy with it, you can turn sandbox mode off. Then it becomes publically viewable.

  • yes FatRat is right.But I still have problems with hiscore.Facebook never update, and some people can save his score and other don?t...

  • see if users that cannot post their scores have timeline enabled. these two things for some reason are connected, I had problems with score posting for users without timeline in the past.

  • hi all,

    following all the steps i got the same problem here, my top score is always displayed as 0 but the app seems to work in general (login and share works).

    check it here:


    since i see that the topic is quite old (so probably fb changed a lot of settings), is there someone who can help me solve that with actual fb needs?

    thanks in advance anyone :)

  • Funkoolow

    Facebook is a pain...

    I have the same problem with new versions in C2....

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