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  • Hi please please can someone point me to where I am going wrong.

    I have a hi score on my Facebook game, but I cant seem to get it to show every ones scores only the number one score.

    you can play the game here (login to Facebook on the main menu to make sure its all working)


    here is what my events for the leaderboard look like:

    <img src="http://www.tilleydesign.co.uk/runninggrey/events.jpg" border="0">

  • any news? i'm interested too..

  • no[pe i gavce up and moved away from facebook, and my games now rely more on local scoreboards, which are fairly easy to make using global variables.

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  • Rather than setting text, you have to append text to your text box, as it returns several strings of text. If you set text, it will only ever return one result, as it will overwrite the rest.

    Here's another thread that might be useful


    Note that FB highscores don't seem to work properly - it's something that I'm struggling with. Apparently FB changes their API all the time so it stuffs things up.

  • for me facebook highscores work perfectly, but i'm managing them through php, not with facebook plugin. keep in ming, that scores don't appear anywhere on facebook until some of your friends beat them. so if you get high score of, say, 100, it will not appear on any walls. only when your friend get score of, say, 120, it will appear that he/she beat you in your game with said scores.

    also, my latest child is prepared to be multiexport (here linked to facebook, but also available on scirra arcade and soon on kongregate) - and uses facebook scores and achievements, even when on arcade on kongregate, the only requirement is to connect the game on facebook once.

    feel free to ask anything, but you have to have intermediate knowledge of php and facebook api to make this stuff work.

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