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  • I read over the Facebook tutorial, but unfortunately I am not familiar with Heroku so getting my project up on Facebook seems located in a far far away galaxy. But hoping someone here is able to help me figure it out/help.

    I have everything from the Facebook tutorial done and set. I just need to figure out how to get my Construct 2 project loaded up in Heroku, so when I view my page I can test to see it works.

    I have also been able to change the "Welcome to your Facebook app, running on heroku!" to a different text.

    But how do I get my project to show up and be playable?

    To Simplify this, and to be able to walk me through the process easier. Using the "New Facebook Project" is what I will be trying to get to work, and will be editing that file to implement my game later.

    Any, and all help is welcome!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Still looking for help with this. If no one knows how to get it working, what do you recommend for ways to get it working with facebook? Also how do you get that way to work?


  • I have the same problem



    When I start the hosting on Heroku it asks for .php, Node.js, Phyton or Ruby? What should I choose?

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