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  • i made an arcade game for facebook. i configure it on fb.

    i can play my game in web preview mode but when i share the game with friends and when they try to play it , it redirects to App center , and throws an error "Sorry, the details for Gogreen cannot be displayed because the app is misconfigured."

    i haven't submitted the app. detail page. is because of it the error might have occured..?

  • do you have the links all configured correctly in the basic info? Such as canvas url and such? Could be you copied the appid wrong? Try going directly to the address for your game, if it works there then you probably configured on of the urls wrong.

  • If the sandbox mod is on, you must add your friends in test users.

  • what is the meaning of sandbox mode..?

    in my application settings the sandbox mode is off.

  • From Facebook doc :

    Sandbox Mode

    When testing your apps, place them into Sandbox Mode. This hides your app entirely from all users who you have not authorized in the developer app to see the app, for the roles described below. Please note that when your app is in Sandbox Mode, you cannot call any API calls on behalf of users who cannot see your app.

    But it's not the issue if is off.

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  • : thanks for reply..the issue is solved.

    now the error is gone.

    the new problem is i have to store the last value modified in a variable, when next time the application is loaded the last modified and stored value should be retrieved. how can i achieve this in construct2.??

    i mean i have to count the click of a button and have to display the count when application is loaded in next time..please help me with this..

  • I don't know Construct very well, but you may use WebStorage (consult the Manual).

  • : okey got..


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