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  • Hi, I'm trying to make an app for a playbook, the app is supossed to run offline.

    I was reading(here) about the facebook block and saw

    "Unless you have the game hosted on a secure domain (https://) the Facebook API has very limited functionality"

    So, the only way is to have a https address?? I can't use it for a game that is stored on the device??

    I haven't created the facebook app to test yet because I'm not recieving the activation code sent to my phone.


  • if you want the activation code and you don't have a mobile use pinger.com

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  • It is possible to make an offline app for Facebook using the desktop/native toggle in account settings. You need to handle the login differently though. More info:

    Facebook desktop login info

    I'm using this method of login for my app as well. It works seamlessly with javascript so once. You're logged in you can use the Facebook plugin actions/conditions/expressions. I would build you an example but I'm not quite sure how to capture the UR once the website changes to Facebook.

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