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  • Howdy-- have a simple game that i want to do as a facebook app and have it saved in the correct format and quickly got lost following the tutorial here on the website and couldn't find what i needed on youtube, doesn't seem to be saying what FaceBook is asking for exactly and have a heroku page from facebook, but don't know if i need it-- does anybody have any experience w/ new facebook procedure and new Construct2 procedure that would help walk me through getting this to work on FB ?? Just want it to show up the quickest easiest way for now.

    Would be grateful for any reply or help at all.

    kind regards, mark-p.

    <img src="http://s17.postimg.org/inzydp6n3/New_Girl_Title_Pic.png" border="0" />

  • It's amazing how much better the colors and suchforth look here as opposed to the way they look when you post a pic to FB. Totally different-- 1000 % better here.

  • Hey-- I could, um... Pay some Money. < take it easy on me now dudes-- I'm a Working Man >.

  • what about pm'ing the writer of the tutorial ?

  • Not sure if you specifically need the default plugin but I have a plugin with some more advanced features here:

    Facebook Advanced

    There is a template capx included with the plugin.(Well a link is available on the topic page)

  • HEY !!!-- i found a fool-proof method of getting some replies around here !!! < How much do i owe you'se two guy's ?? >

  • Replies:

    -- Kewl Dude #1 < a.k.a. "WhiteClaws">:

    Um, o.k., i have been shy to do stuff like that when it says don't p.m. me in the tutorial-- but i will consider it.

    -- Kewl Dude #2 < a.k.a. "lanceal">:

    Hey-- thanks so much !!! I will take a long hard look at it right now. Was so shot-out with it last night that i just had to turn the machine off and walk away.

    < Update: >-- yeah, i just saw it in action && it is excellent in every way. Do i need to request a password to log-in and see whats inside, or is that the whole thing ?? Anyway-- nice, nice looking work there.

    -- P.S., my offer is good to pay for expert-level C-2 help of a "how do you do this && how do you do that" type of thing until i get some work finished and get better up to speed. P.M. me w/ your bonafides && we can talk cash.

    kind regards, mark-p.

  • lol nothing unless you actually need help setting it up. :) I just did some work last week for a guy RussB who wanted to be able to take and upload a snapshot to Facebook. Hey returned the favor by drawing me some graphics. But another tip for you to increase the frequency of replies. Put a before someones name in the message like It will send that person an alert.

  • Thanks buddy. I'mmo send you a friend request-- i appreciate you.

    <Update>: or, would have-- but there's no friend request here that i can see-- just bookmarked your web-site though && thanks again.


  • I'm on Facebook at:

    Find me here :)

    Feel free to add me there, unless you were talking to whiteclaws, in that case forget it. :P j/p

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  • I see you looked at my site and created an account. Nice little login function but you wouldn't need that with a Facebook app. It's still very new even though it's been a site for a while. As you can see from my picture, I'm a father of 6 so my free-time is limited. LOL Its also a switch I had been working on an app at apps.facebook.com/relicsofyore but that's taken a back seat to this app for now. I think it's still active but you can't do much beyond walk around the town I had built.

  • Hey Buddy-- just sent you a FB friend request and thanks so much. Really. kind regards, mark-p.

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