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  • I know there are a lot of Facebook posts already, and I read most of them, but I'm still stuck.

    I followed the Facebook tutorial and have a game running on facebook, no problems so far.

    Now I want to implement Facebook functionality (I want to have Facebook high scores in the future).

    But it fails on the login.

    I use the Facebook program that comes with construct 2 and have the App ID and secret set up.

    Now it shows me the login button and its active (so the object is ready).

    Now when I press the button an almost blank Facebook pup-up comes up, it only has a 'loading wheel'. It disappears again within half a second or so.

    After this the login button is deactivated and nothing happens any more.

    Is this a known problem? And what would be the solution?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Little bump hoping some one who knows what to do will read my post. I Hope that's ok.

  • I am gearing up to do this myself...   but as far as i can tell there is a good bit more to it then just adding the C2 action.   you have to build a data base.    search the tutorials for facebook top scores and there is a guy on there who did about 5 videos on it.   its good stuff.

    good luck!   message me l8tr and tell me how it goes. maybe we can walk threw this togeather.

  • Thanks, I will see if I can find the video's!

    They way I understood it was that the database thing was handled by Facebook. But as said in my opening post, I haven't even come to the score part yet, Facebook gives me problems already when I am only trying to login.

  • I have now used Clay.io to get online highscores, works very well and is easy to implement with the tutorials.

    Those highscores also work with Facebook login within Facebook :)

    you can test the game here:


    It is not really released on facebook yet, mainly because I have to translate a lot to English first.

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