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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm developing an educational video game for my research project (Master degree). I have the game almost ready and I will be saving the log information to local webstorage. I am using cocoonjs to export to Nexus 10 and iPad.

    My problem is that after saving the log information to webstorage, I don't know how I could retrieve it for my study. I could show it on the screen, but I need to be able to copy it to the clipboard and put it on an email or something.

    I searched the forums and I now know I can't send it by email, and I can't select a text field and copy the value. What can I do to extract the data from the iPads?

    I will be using 28 iPads at a time, none of them mine, so I won't be able to go through each of them easily. I need a way to just select, copy/paste, or send by email, or save to a file I can then access, or something of that style. Remember I need to use cocoonjs,, since my game really doesn't run on PhoneGap (5 fps :S)

    Thank you!

  • I don't know for sure if AJAX is supported in cocoonJS but I guess it would be the way to go.

    Each of your client connect to a common database and inject the datas into it thanks to an AJAX call.

    Check the how do I FAQ (link in my signature) there are example of use, the support of AJAX by CocoonJS is to be confirmed though.

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  • Ajax is not supported <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I actually had my game developed with Ajax and XML, until we tested in different platforms. I had to redesign the whole thing to handle everything with arrays, and tones of sprites animations and frames.

    Any other solution you can think of without ajax? I'm starting to think my only option will have to be to show it in screen, take a picture with my phone and transcribe at home.

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