How do I extract all animations for fighting game?

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  • Hello everybody! As written in the subject line I'd like to know how I can extract all animations from a .def file. Let me explain better: i have a character in DEF file and I'm trying to use Fighter factory to extract animations in GIF file in order to add them to my C2 project (a fighting game....i know it will be hard but im gonna do it!!) However, sometimes animations are more than i have to extract them one by one or there is a way to do it faster? Thanks

  • I take it .def files are a format that M.U.G.E.N. uses. I can't find many details about the format other than it's a text file, so I assume it's human readable. If there's no existing tool to do it I suppose you could write one with python or something. Honestly I know nothing about it. It's out of the scope of things I'm interested in. But rest assured if you can get the images C2 can load them. However 500+ images may deplete your video memory, it just depends how big they are.

  • I can open def file with Fighter factory and extract every single animation (jump, run, punch, special moves etc) in GIF format so i can add them as a sprite in C2. My question was if i can do this operation faster or do i have to save 500+ GIF file one by one?

    Btw, im looking for people to develop the game.

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  • If I remember correctly the sprites are in the .sff not in the .def.

    I had a tool that I used to extract and resize every sprites for some mugen characters but I can't find it right now. It was more or less automated.

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