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  • I was wondering if Construct 2 can connect to outside databases and then be exported for desktop applications? I'm quite unsure about using the WebStorage in Construct when there are many variables to consider? I;m trying to work on an RPG.

  • I have used Construct2 with MySQL - using AJAX to make calls to php scripts that read or write to the database. Works great and not very hard to do. There are several tutorials to help you get started. However, you need access to a server obviously...

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  • AllanR

    Well, I actually have some knowledge on MySQL and I have a server to use within my computer. I have a WAMPServer, if that is advisable?

    However my problem though is that if I export my project into an application (either HTML5 or NodeWebKit), will it go searching around for the database or the PHP files?

  • That would probably work for fine for testing, but once you start distributing your game it would need to access a publicly accessible server. And you would only really need a server like that if you want to have access to the players data, have players share data, or for a global high score list, etc. If you are only storing data for the local player you may want a solution that doesn't require a server. I know there is a CSV plugin, and ways to read and write text files... And I have heard people say they store a lot of data in webstorage.

  • AllanR

    Hmm I see thank you very much <img src="smileys/smiley12.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> well I don't want to go distributing things everywhere yet. I just kinda need a database to just organize and test different things for the meantime.

    I'll try out those plugins, but I'm gonna learn them first for sure. I only have a little idea on how to create text files for that.

    Can they work as like save files for those who play besides the webStorage for Construct? Oh, by the way, is there possibly a way to see what's inside the webStorage?

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