expressions panel is MIA. F4 does nothing.

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  • I used to have no problems like this. Only difference is I am using Windows 10 these days instead of 7.

    While defining parameters I should be able to see the expression panel. It is nowhere to be seen. Manual says f4 toggles it on or off. But pressing this does not reveal the panel and yes I am definitely pressing f4 whilst focused on the relevant parameter dialogue. All f4 seems to do is toggle a highlight around the parameters dialogue as if .. SOMETHING is happening, but not properly.

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  • Check around the edges of your screen, maybe you moved it on accident and or is mostly hidden off the edge of your screen. Or possibly dual monitors?

  • Try resetting the dialogs in the File->Preferences panel.

  • Try resetting the dialogs in the File->Preferences panel.

    wow thanks, I did not notice that command. I was looking for something like that under 'View' ribbon. (To be fair to me, it probably should be in the view options).

    Not sure where the panel ended up but i do use dual monitors and recently changed to having 1 monitor plugged in to the dGPU and one into the iGPU, maybe the panel was positioned on a monitor that was no longer physically there and impossible to get to.


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