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  • It would be nice to have a page just for Expressions. I saw the one that is there already but I theres not enough examples on what to use them for. ... onstruct-2

    I saw this but I do not really get what I am reading. Im the type of person that needs examples. Wish we had a specific thread just for expression examples. I know that would be a lot but over time it would build up.

    This capx is from rekjl.


    I wanted a sprite that stretched from one point to another. Had no clue on how to do that. Now I have a better understanding after help from Rekjl. it would be nice to have a section dedcated to expressions and different examples with explanations on why it works. Not all of us are born with it.. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Just wanted to bump this again. I think its very important to have a special page for Expressions that had several examples on how to use them. Like the example....distance(sprite.x,sprite.y,sprite.x,sprite.y) ...I do remember seeing that in the expressions list that was made but never really new how to use it until the other day.......It would be nice to see how these expressions can be used. Just so that we know it exist and can use it later if it fits what we need.

    going to try and bump this every week until the right person sees it.

  • I do not know of any programming language or software package that have an example or snippet of every expression or action contained , most just a brief description . The forums pretty much have examples of everyone of them in every shape and manner and a thorough search will find them , just as you found your particular expression .

    C2 is still a work in progress and the allocation of time is propagated towards the engine , perhaps in the future more time can be spent on the manual and examples but for now you need to do your own research for things you do not understand and there are plenty of users here willing to help explain them.

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  • Just because you do not know of any doesn't mean it could not be started. important trying to grow as a construct user. there was a list done of expressions. it would be great to have a section like the Faq section for tutorial page that people can post small projects that demonstrate expressions. i know it can't be done in one day...i just know. people like helping out and would help..

  • anyway, just an idea.....

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