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  • For example

    i have 3 global variables




    A is clicking counter

    in B system will randomize numbers from 0 to 9

    C show which number should not be picked

    when global variable 'A' is less than 2

    i click LMB and

    i set global variable 'B' to int(random(0,10)) without number typed in 'C'

    'B' should never display C number or automaticaly random again to avoid display 'C'

    when global variable 'A' is more than 2

    i click LMB and

    i set global variable 'B' to int(random(0,10))

  • While B = C: randomB(10)

  • TELLES0808 thanks

    tell me in C2 is expression 'is rotating' ?

    when i rotate everytick sprite

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  • Depend of what behavior you're using to rotate. It's a physic element or you're rotating it by the object directly?

    If you're using the physic it will work, else, every time you rotate your object directly, it will not notice the rotation, because it will happen exactly in the moment of the action and only on the next tick will happen again, so, your "is rotating" will not detect it.

    To avoid this situation, use it as a sub-action of the same condition:

    Condition: "Some condition":

    * Action Rotate Object;

    * Action: "Do something else"

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