Exporting maps for transparent objects?

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  • Hi guys

    Recently i noticed something, I'll need your help with.

    I noticed that for blank objects, I mean fully transparent, used only for detecting collisions, on export i got black PNGs exported. For now I'm making them 2x2 pixels, and then scaling them to the right size. I wonder is there a way not to use maps at all, or all transparent objects to use only 1 map, 2x2 pixel?

    And one more thing. Is there a way to make 2 or more different sprites to pack their maps in 1 atlas? I know if sprites are different animations or frames of a single sprite object, they'll pack, but can i do it with different sprites?


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  • anyone?

  • not sure, but using a fully transparent object would mean the same as using a filled object but hidden, could be that construct recognize this and optimize it that way, or because the optimizing gives an 8bit png, that displays like that in windows + using the same object multiple times does not increase size so it don't see a problem there, there is currently no special "collision object"

    you could put al static images into multiple frame, that would create an atlas, there's curently no other way to select them

    ps: to be clear, dont create multiple sized collision objects, just use one and stretch/rotate it

  • Thanks a lot for the help vtrix. If I understand you correctly, I can make many different invisible objects, no matter they will use many different low size textures, not combined in an atlas, as long as i keep them hidden.

    It makes sense.

  • Pakost

    not exactly, use only one small 2*2px object that you scale and stretch for collision detection, and make copies where you need them, not really needed to be put in an atlas as its so small

    if you use transparent or filled object, in this case it doesn't really make any different, a filled object you just need to hide so you dont see the collision area

    hiding something doesn't mean its not taking filesize, i only stated that this could be the reason why the transparent png was exported black

    but anyhow its most likely because of construct optimization

    hope thats clear :)

  • Yup, quite! Thanks again for the help mate.

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