Exporting to iOS app store - Help please!!

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  • Hello all.

    I'm a new user (previously a GameSalad user) but I got a little tired of some of GameSalad's deficiencies, most notably the lack of adequate pathfinding. I've spent all day today going through the tutorials and am really enjoying Construct 2. I have a couple of questions, though.

    My end goal is to publish games on the iOS app store, but after searching and reading the forums I still have some gaps in my knowledge. I'm really hoping someone can help me with a couple of answers.

    Is there a cost to using Intel XDK? The Intel XDK tutorial was written in 2012 and doesn't mention any costs to using the service. Additionally I cannot find anything on the Intel XDK site in regards to cost.

    A post written in 2012 stated that PhoneGap has issues with sounds. Has this been rectified?

    Lastly, has anyone published to the iOS app store recently? If so, what was the cost (excluding the Apple Developer cost) and was your experience a good one? Also, what do people think to be the cheapest way to publish iOS games that are fully functional? (I know I sound cheap but I'm a hobbyist and have a budget.)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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  • For me CocoonJS (by Ludei) is the best option atm. I find the cocoonJS test app for IOS great. I have tried the XDK shortly, but it didnt really work for me.

    Phonegap is OK, but you will run into performance issues quite fast from my experience.

    You can find a lot of topics about it on the forum.

    Currently CocoonJS is free. Dont know for how long though :-)

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