Exporting to HTML5/Desktop crashing my computer...

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  • As the title says, HTML5 or Desktop exporting is directly crashing my system. Is there something like this which others have encountered, and if so, what was done to rectify it? I did try to not use minify script, too, and it's still crashing.

    Edit: added "desktop" to the equation. As a heads up, there were times where I needed louder music, so I would edit the music, save the project folder, close C2, replace the music with the new export, reload C2 and project, and the main (only) layout's UIstates seemed to be messed up (all locked layers are now unlocked, all hidden layers now showing) but everything else works fine. This means Run Layout and Debug both work fine. I can play it and it works as is, but exporting is an issue.

  • I re-imported the music and sounds I had changed but it still will not export.

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  • For posterity: I re-saved as a project folder and erased useless code and sprites just to be sure, and it's working now.

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