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  • Hello,

    I have downloaded your given setup to make games and followed all steps to build game and I have build one small game in my local computer and its working fine and now I want to upload it live and for that I have followed all steps for exporting it in HTML5 but I am getting an error in export which is " java version upgrade required" I have updated java upto 8 but I am still getting same error.

    actually we are building very big software and if we are successful with your free version for demo then we would like to purchase your paid version as well.

    I have also another questions that is this game can be connected to live data from where mathematical questions can fetch to game and then also track records of all student whether they are giving correct or wrong answers.

    we already have database ready and want to fetch questions from database to this game , so can it be possible? if yes then how?

    once we are successful then we have 1000 schools who are going to use this software and we would love to buy license.

    Please advice us regarding exporting and making game live from local.

    I would really appreciate your quick response.


    Kind regards,

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  • Make sure you are using the JDK not the JRE Java. They are different.

    http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/ ... 33151.html

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