How do I Export .exe with inno setup?

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  • Hi!

    I have been trying to compile my game with Inno Setup to make a .exe setup but to no success. Everything works and goes along fine as I followed goldenskygiang's "Make a Windows installer file (.exe file) using Inno Setup Compiler" but when I try to run the game setup file it tells me "Missing FIle Error: Unable to find locale data files. Please reinstall."

    The few things that I have found is that goldenskygiang says in his tutorial is that the exe file wont be able to run before you compile but mine can. And when he shows which files to include there are far less on his screen than shown on mine.

    I am sure this has something to do with that NW.js been updated (since the tutorial is from July last year) but it would be really nice to be able to give the users a setup instead of a bunch of tiny files. I run on a laptop with windows 8 if that helps.

    have a good day!

  • You could try using a different install creator for your project like the one I personally use is

    The setup process is pretty straightforward.

  • Yeah I think so too. Thanks for the suggestion, looks like it could work!

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  • Yeah I think so too. Thanks for the suggestion, looks like it could work!

    Not a problem, if you have any issues with it just throw me a PM and ill help ya out.

  • Thanks for the info

    Saving that link for when I have a project completed

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