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  • I am planning to buy C2 when I can.So I have a few questions about node-webkit.

    If it is a standalone chrome,it should have a file size of about 30mb,So even a game of emptiness should have at east 30 mb.Is this right?If so,Why can't C2 have an original .exe export like CC?

    If my memory serves right,Game maker can also export to various platforms and still have a .exe exporter.


    Just curious


    Another thing is how can I change the .exe icon?When previewing with node-webkit,I get that Compass icon.Also is there any other files other than the .exe?I saw the node-webkit win32 folder and found some .dlls,What's the use of it??

  • It's a bit larger since it has to include the whole Chromium browser engine. If it's a large game it should not be big compared to the size of the game assets, and if it's a really small game, why not just run it as a HTML5 website?

    You can change the EXE icon with Resource Hacker - hopefully we can automate that in future.

  • Ashley

    Thank you.I am curious to know why C2 can't export to .exe like CC.

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  • Doc Ai - it can export to EXE. The reason we don't write our own engine is because the games are HTML5, and we are not capable of writing a better engine than Google. They have the best engineers in the world and Chrome is pretty much unbeatable as far as engines for running HTML5 games go. If we made our own it would take months of our time and not even be as good as node-webkit.

  • Thank you so much! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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