My Exported game does not appear on Safari

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  • Hi guys, first time here. I've recently created hopefully a fun little web game and exported it all and managed to upload it to my hosting page. It seems to work perfectly on Chrome, and on my Android mobile. But sadly it doesn't seem to appear on Safari on either Desktop or IOS. I've tried a few different fixes found on this forum but they don't seem to work.

    I've tried having preload sounds vs not preloading them. I've removed the file paths from the offline.js file. I've also deleted all the .m4a sounds and only using .ogg.

    You can find the raw html here:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would love to share this to all platforms.


  • The provided link just returns a page not found error here.

    Usually the problem is that you either didn't upload all the files, or the server configuration is wrong. Press F12 (or Cmd+Shift+I in Safari, IIRC) and check the browser console for any error messages.

  • Thanks, I've just deleted the slots7 and uploaded it to 8. So its This now works on Safari but now has no sound? I deleted the .m4a sound files as I thought that might be the issue so is that the reason it hasn't got sound now?


  • The console log is complaining it can't find the m4a files, so that would be a yes.

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  • I've changed it 11 now and everything seems to be working on all platforms now so thanks for your help!

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