How do I export to Tizen now that they use another SDK??

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  • Since Tizen changed their SDK to Tizen Studio, it's entirely different from any of the tutorials, with different pathways, making anything I can find obsolete. I even tried looking up crosswalk, but even that is outdated.

    I tried to be clever and copy paste the Construct 2 widget over the newer variant, and hit build, but it's just been stuck building, so I'm unable to make a proper widget. : /

    I've been at this for 12 hours and 3 last night, I'm mainly an artist, not a programmer. : /

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  • I'm stuck with the same problem. I'd like to develop apps/games on Samsung smart watches using Construct 2, but every tutorial I found shows an export window with a "Tizen" option that has since disappeared.

    Is there any way to export C2 projects to Tizen ?

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