When i export and test on tablet..

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  • For some reason the collisions and highscore no longer works yet when I test in construct 2 works perfect?

    Also there is a big white block at the bottom of the screen, when I selected scale to fit.

    Thanks for your help!


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  • I think I need to explain this a bit better..

    I exported and compiled the game using cocoonjs, the resulting debug apk I tested on my tablet.

    The game worked perfectly when i was testing it in construct 2, but now once it was compiled certain features don't work anymore such as:

    Collisions for when the player is supposed to pick up an item he just goes straight through.

    The highscore feature has also stopped working although i am not sure if this is a result of the above.

    The game screen seemed fine when testing on construct but when on the tablet the game screen is there but appears wrong due to there being a big missing section at the bottom of the screen, like the game hasn't adjusted to the tablet resolution properly.

    Any suggestions?


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