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  • Hi scirra community,

    I made a game! It is called Beatrice Attacks, and I put it on Kongregate so that I could link to it here and y'all could see it.

    I'm not experienced enough to add urls to this post, and I can't find it on Kong without going to my user page first, so I will explain my problem.

    When I run to game in C2 and hit "play" and it pops up in my browser, it's way bigger than when I upload it to Kongregate, because I can scale it to fit the window and I make the browser window big. Even when I click on cinematic view, the game is roughly 1/2 to 2/3 times smaller than what I intended.

    Is there a setting on "Export" to make it export to a bigger size or should I be looking for a setting on Kong to resize it?

    Also, I made a video game! And it's on Kongregate! I'm very excited about this. I'm thinking I could make something...complete...if I buy the full version.


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