How do I export and play a html platform game?

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  • Okay, so I made a game and tried exporting it for the first time. First I tried to export it in the desktop app, but of course you need to buy the full version of the program to do that (which is fine with me and I will consider buying it soon... But I tried to export it in html, and it made the file and everything, but I didn't know how to play it. I tried opening every file it made, but it wouldn't run the game. When I opened a file named, "Index" it opened chrome and said that I needed to upload the game first. What does this mean, and how can I play my game?

  • you have to upload you game to a web sever to be able to play it browsers have security features preventing running straight from the desktop

    you can try uploading to dropbox or google drive there is a tutorial somewhere on how to get it working

    there is also the Scirra Arcade

    more options are, kongregate, FGL, and more just google or you the forums search

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  • You're obviously new to this, so welcome !

    What you need to do is host your files somewhere on the web, what Construct 2 has generated is basically a web page. Try googling some basic tutorials about HTML and web hosting.

    Chrome can't read your index.html if you double click it, at least not until you change some parameters, but firefox, as I recall, does by default.

  • I think I've figured it out. Thank you guys so much for helping me solve this problem.

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