How do I export this particular phone app?

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  • Hi all,

    I'm testing a mobile phone game. I want to upload it to see how it plays away from my computer.

    The exported versions all crash at the same point:

    the first time the Events have to call images from a database.

    It's like the info that tells C2 which pictures to show and where to show them, can't find them.

    Weird though, because It looks identical to how they are arranged on the version that works- the one running off my computer.

    Any ideas what I can do to get it to work?

    I understand that you can export for different platforms. The game was designed for mobile devices. Is it possible that design choices -other than the 'export for' options- mean that it might work fine on mobile devices but not HTML5 Android etc? I can't see if it's working on phone. It not working on web; is that a guarontee that it wont work on mobile device?

  • What are you using to export? AppMobi, CocoonJS or Crosswalk?

  • I've been trying all of them. Ive got a desktop full of version folders that all fail the same way.

    Ive tried uploading from another computer. Again, the files work fine, from that computer, but once online, the whole thing crashes at the same point.

  • Hansokumake

    Do you have 3rd party plugins being used inside your project? (ones that did not come with Construct 2)?

  • Exporting from C2 does not directly make usable mobile files. You need to wrap what C2 exports into native language. That is where CocoonJS cloud compiler, Crosswalk XDK and Phonegap come into play.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Yes- I have 3rd party plug-ins. could that be the problem?

    I've tried using CocoonJS and Crosswalk XDK- without success.

    I couldn't compile with phonegap, I'll try again tonight.

  • Ah you beauty! Is that it? Just import the plugins and we're away?

  • Hansokumake

    Some 3rd party plugins could cause a conflict.

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  • The game uses a CSV plugin.

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