How do I export for mobile with good results?

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  • Hi.

    I've been making a new game for mobile devices and it is like an infinite runner but with an actual ending.

    My problem is that it has to be precise and right now I can't get in to run smoothly when i export and compile it with cocoonjs for android. There is a little lag here and there that ruins the feeling of the game. It runs super smooth on the pc but not on my Galaxy Note 3 and that phone is a monster so I guess it runs like crap on normal phones

    The game isn't that heavy and there are about 150 objects total/layout and 40-100 collision checks per tick. Obstacles are not spawned because the whole level is built on a 20 000 x 720 layout where collisions are disabled when objects are "out of view".

    So does someone here have any useful tips on how to make a game run smoothly on a mobile device?

    And for you who have exported a mobile game with good results. How did you accomplish this? CocoonJs, Crosswalk other?

    I've read all tutorials here and can't find a solution. Is it even possible to make a smooth running game on mobile or is it impossible with wrappers like cocoonjs and crosswalk?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Have you tried any other methods? I don't especially have anything to suggest, but I am also interested to hear if anyone has some alternative suggestions. Posting mostly just to follow the thread

    In this thread there are lots of posts about people's experience with Phonegap on older OSs, though. Might help

  • When objects are out of layout? I guess you mean out of viewport, because all objects are probably in the layout..

    It could be many things,

    The size of your images,

    A lot of events that are checked/executed every tick,

    collisionpolygons with too many points,


    Can't really tell without seeing the Capx..

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  • LittleStain Thank you for your reply. Yes, I meant the viewport. Updated my original post

    I know but even if I just make a solid ground and a box with platform behavior and make the box simulate running right every tick it will lag on mobile devices. And that is not because the game is too heavy. So I guess I'm just not compiling it the right way.

    So I think I haven't found the best way of exporting and compiling my game yet and all the help I can get about this topic is greatly appreciated.

  • Try exporting the space blaster game... and see for yourself. I used it on crosswalk and it runs perfectly on mobile.

  • DUTOIT Ok, I'll try to export that game and see if there is something I've missed. But usually I get good results when the game fills the viewport and nothing more. But as soon as I make a platformer or something that makes the viewport scroll I see these small lags even if the game consists of only two objects.

  • Haven't done a platformer in some time, so can't comment.

  • I enabled webGL and also changed all "every tick-events" in my game to "every 0.01second" instead and now the game actually runs smooth on mobile devices. Didn't know that every tick events was so heavy on mobile. But now I know for all my future projects!

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