How do I export to mobile (Android)

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  • Hi, i am testing one of templates included in construc , flappy clone, and i try to export it to make an android app.

    When i play it as a native android app it have a lot of lags...

    Maybe there is something i am doing wrong. ?

    I create android app with intel xdk, using Crosswalk for android

  • Try cocoonjs. You can easily load the cocoonjs launcher in google playstore and play your app with the exported zip file.

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  • Thanks for your reply, but i need more isntructions.

    I see where to load cocoonjs in C2, but after that, wht do i have to do ?

    I export game to android on C2 ?

    And how can i make an android app from exported files ?

  • The tutorials will take you through it step by step. Just search in the tutorial section for Android.

  • I have read tutorials, and i can cretae apk for android

    But when i try the flapy example included with C2, and when i create an apk or android, using intel xdk, it's terrible and very laggy...

  • puccino

    When building the app inside the Intel XDK, make sure you select "Crosswalk for Android".

    You may be using the regular "Android" one. The regular Android export is the old version, and is much slower than Crosswalk.

  • Hi, thanks for your help.

    I have selected Crosswalk for Android, and it is terrible on my phone running android 4.1

    On my samsung GS 3, android 4.4, the game is running better but sound is terible

  • puccino

    I believe that Crosswalk utilizes Android 4.2 or higher. Any version lower then that may have compatibility, stability and performance issues.

    As for sound, may I ask for more of a description of what you define as "terrible"?

    Edit: Sorry, Android 4.0 or better is supported. Depending on the age of the device, may make apps run more slowly.

  • I have added an explosion sound, and it's laggy

    How can i create an apk for android 4.1 and inferior ?

  • Android 4.0 or higher is supported. I just looked, however even though 4.0 is supported, it does not mean that the device will run it at great speeds. It all depends on the devices processing power.

    It could also be, that the device being tested on, has its GPU blacklisted, I believe in some cases.

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