How do I export to iOS with the XDK?

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  • Hi,

    Which export option do I use to export to Intel XDK for iOS?

    It seems there used to be a 'export for intel xdk' option but it's no longer there. Do I use the Crosswalk option?

  • The crosswalk option is only for android development. Try Ejecta instead. I t works perfectly for me. in case u can't develop via ejecta since u don't have an apple id and don't wanna pay, then PM me and i'll give u a way in which u can get the .ipa file

  • I have the Apple developer account so this is not a problem. I was wondering why it wouldn't build when using the Crosswalk option. Cool, thanks!

  • Well... nope. Using the Ejecta exporter also gives me the 'verify your assets error'.

    I export to the www subfolder in the XDK, set the info, provisioning profile, certificate, icons etc. and click build.

    Are there any extra steps needed for iOS?

    I have no problem building the same thing for Crosswalk...

  • C2 doesn't support exporting to iOS through the XDK

    You really should check the 'manuals' section of the site, it gives you all the info. & steps -

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  • Oh. That explains a lot. HOWEVER, plot twist: I did get it to export in the end. It still doesn't work (blank screen) but it somehow managed to create the ipa. Thank you for the link, I'll use Ejecta or Phonegap then. I just hope the Admob plugin will work.

  • It does. I've tester it. Intel XDK does not work. Use Ejecta and a mac (or vmware).

  • alvarop Would you care to point to the Admob plugin you used with Ejecta?

    <-- this seems promising, but I'd rather use something that's been tested.



    [quote:ea8dm1ny]The form control plugins (Textbox, Button and List) are not supported.

    • The XML object is not supported.
    • The Facebook object is not supported.
    • The Text plugin's 'Set web font' action is not supported.
    • The WebStorage plugin's session storage is not available. Use local storage or global variables instead.

    Well, my app relies heavily on Textboxes, XML objects and Web Fonts so that's it for me. My last hope is CocoonJS then...

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