Export to iOS via Intel XDK, black screen - Help!

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  • I have successfully exported to Android via Intel XDK with no Issues, even have an app in the Play Store. I am experimenting with Export to iOS via Intel XDK and so far I get a black screen in the XDK Emulator, other devices in the Emulator, non-ios show the C2 project fine.

    Anyone experienced this issue?

    Is it as simple as:

    -Export a C2 project, select iOS, save to a folder

    -Create New or Import in Intel XDK the C2 project

    -Go to Emulate?

    It should be, but I wonder if I am missing something. I created a simple single sprite asset capx to test exporting to iOS. I am also running Windows, do I need to be on a MAC to emulate iOS? thanks

  • Look at this thread. Maybe it will help.

    I am facing this issue also, but i never test ios version of my games on emulator. If android version works on emulator, so will ios. You should test on a real device. (If you have ads implemented, they will not show in emulator, they will show only on real device.


  • I've found the emulator to be very unreliable. Most of the time it does not work, regardless of the device type. You really need to get it through the process and tested on a real device.

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  • jbmoyer are you testing on iOS 10? If so I know there's been a few bugs with version. I believe the Intel XDK crew are aware. If you're not testing on iOS 10 you shouldn't have any issues. I had some trouble exporting to iOS myself so when I finally got it working I documented my steps in my blog. Feel free to check it out if you're interested (link in my signature)

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