Export to iOS Cordova, down-scale is blurry

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  • My game works great on Crosswalk , with zoom in / zoom out, the images are sharp. But when I export my game to iOS Cordova in XDK. The game looks good at scale by 1, but it looks very blurry at scale by ~0.4 .I'm testing on iPhone 6Plus, the game images are sharp with zoom in / zoom out in Lan Preview on Safari. But after it exported, it's blurry if scale around 0.4 or below 1. Does it somethings wrong in XDK ? Did anyone encounter this issue ? Please help me ...

    P/S : Ipad mini 2 retina has same resolution of iPhone 6 plus, but ipad mini 2 retina images are very sharp.

  • I found somethings about scaling on iPhone 6 plus : "For the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has introduced even larger “3x” assets that are three times the size of things on non-Retina devices. This helps keep things visible on the larger, denser screen without making buttons and other tap targets too small to work with, and without stretching 2x assets out and making them blurry (though in these early days, most apps will be a little blurry anyway). To balance size with sharpness, Apple is doing something a little weird here. Rather than displaying things at the phone's native 1080p resolution, the iPhone 6 Plus is actually rendering a 2208×1242 image and downscaling it to 1080p."

    Should I need to make my images 3x or 4x bigger, I'm using 2x images ?

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  • When I used 3x images, the problem is resolved.

    P/S : 4x images make it worse blurry.

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