How do I export to INTEL XDK... Read before troll please.

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  • Im not new at construct but far away from being a pro on it.

    I have exported some games to IntelXDK in the past (3 months a go) and zero stress about it.

    Today I have updated a game, and it didnt run on Chrome or Firefox or INTEL XDK (debug or exported app)

    It runs Flawlessy on Debug Mode and in Preview Mode in Construct2.

    I exported exactly as the manual and hotlinks says when you are exporting, I Do select croswalk and follow the procedures and just got the same as in chrome or ff... a black screen.

    I started to change systematically every option in the export and import session with no results.

    Finally I tried others games, even the DEMO game that cames with Construct 2, even one TEMPLATE itself, and it didnt run neither.

    I dont want to call it a bug, but im close to it.

    Im developing this game to mobiles and i will have adds on it, if anyone know a wrapper what work nicely, even at cost (buy) im seriusly on take a look at those.

    Thanks a lot!!


  • same issue here. any fix for this

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  • I fixed with a "little help from my friends", heres the thread:

  • Thank you for the info

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