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  • Hi guys,

    This might be a stupid question. I just need to know if it is possible to export game as HTML5 code from Construct 2. I need it to show my teacher, as he wants to see the actual hard code of the game.

    Thanks in advance!

  • floydbbry

    Not a stupid question!

    If your teacher wants to see the actual hard code of the game, it's the JavaScript he'll need to see, not HTML. To get it, export your project to an HTML5 website, leaving 'Minify script' turned off. Then show your teacher the c2runtime.js file in the export folder.

    I hope he can make sense of it!

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  • I'm with Velojet, the code really isn't straightforward. it's filled

    preparation code,

    canvas determination,

    layer and event handling code

    plugin code

    then the layers and event sheets

    it's nothing I would recognize as standard game coding. I think the real question is what is he expecting from you. just game code or code you wrote?

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