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  • Is there a way to export global variables or other parts of a Construct 2 Project to an XML file to later be read by the Construct Project? My team is trying hard to figure out some kind of workaround to have a usable save state that can be loaded.

    I am aware of, but not interested in web storage. We are making a game for Win 8 and eventually other mobile platforms. I know there is no built-in functionality yet in Construct for saving a game but is there a plugin that would give this ability? The topic of save states has been hashed out pretty thoroughly on the forum but I didn't come across any conversations about the possibility of specifically exporting global variables - we could use just this data to save game progress just fine.

    We could even try and write our own plug-in but if anyone has already made headway on this and is willing to point us in the right direction to get started, we would appreciate it.


  • What's wrong with using WebStorage? AFAIK it works everywhere, including Windows 8.

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  • It works for a Win 8 (Metro) App? And on Android and iOS? If it does, I suppose we are not opposed to web storage but I thought it was a feature for browser games.

  • I did find info on the Android dev site regarding webstorage so I must have been mistaken. Thanks for making me question my assumptions, Ashley!

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