How do I export my game to a working APK?

  • Forgive me if the question has been answered but after some time, the answers I find are either out of date or not working. I would like to test my game out and unfortunately, everywhere I turn I can't seem to find a concrete answer on how to export my game. I've signed everything as needed following dozens of tutorials but nothing yields any results.

    I've tried phonegap to no success.

    Android Studio didn't work ether.

    The closest I ever got was using something called "HTML5 APK Builder" at ""

    The game makes it in, I install it, run it and suddenly flashes white and then crashes I think, I'm not sure.

    If anyone knows of a simple way to just get the job done I would really appreciate the help.

  • Better to move onto Construct 3, it builds it for you. I think I previously used phonegap and it generated apk from the exported cordova files. Saying you had no success or it didn't work doesn't really help us.

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  • Not including Construct 3 (Obviously not a cheap solution if you already own C2)

    the easyest solution right now is to use phonegap's still working online cloud builder.

    The most stable and powersul way however is to have Cordova CLI. Its complicated for initial startup, but after some time, as you adjust, will be fastest.

    Here is guide for local Cordova CLI building

    But for beginning I reccomend using build.phonegap

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