How do I Export game without wrappers

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  • Here is what i am thinking of.

    Imagine that all android wrappers will be discontinued. Intel xdk buggy poor performance. The game examples dont even work on bluestacks.

    So how do we export android when no wrapper will be available? How do we export to pc desktop if nodewebkit will be discontinued. And so on.

    If you wont start working on native exporters, construct 2 will die! Somebody said that native exporters will never be created for construct 2. Lol

    Good luck with html5 , in few years nobody will buy Construct. So many many many people telling you this , and you dont listen. So i guess you can say good bye.

    PS; When i was calling the internet company to get their wifi internet, they said that the signal in my home is pretty bad. And when i said i dont mind , they said they will better not connect me at all . If scirra was the internet company , they would connect me, no problem even with poor signal.. Hope you get it.

    PS: Hire some programmers , and start working on exporters, if i had enough money i hire them myself lol.

  • Would be nice if we could get rid of wrappers indeed, while I do not think native should be something scirra should try to do yet (or at all), sticking with html5 only was what they should have done in that case (by that I mean only advert that, include 0 wrappers, all wrappers plugin being only third party plugins maintained by the community), I do not think anybody would have had any grasp with that, you would buy it knowing that, but it seems people did not get that at the time (marketing error? maybe, I did understand the message but since I am not everybody..).

    Well, I am not scirra, they can continue this weird "official wrapper support" route if they want after all, it is their business, I know what I bought, I am satisfied, not everybody is, that is the issue, so something should really be done.

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  • switched to corona sdk. Good bye. :-/

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