How do I export my game for Android 8?

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  • Please, I have a license for Construct2, however I can not export to Android 8, as the new Google terms ask. In version 256 it has already been announced that it is possible. I use the last one, the r-262 and however does not appear the option in export to Cordova (appears only up to 6). How to proceed? I have already updated twice and the option does not appear.

  • That dropdown only chooses the minimum version. It automatically sets the target version to Android 8 as required by the Play Store. So there should not be a problem publishing for Android 8, all exports already target it regardless of what minimum version you set.

  • The problem is that sending this message to Google Play appears:

    "Upload failed

    Currently, the application API level is 25. However, this level is less commonly used by the user 26 so that the application is used as more recent APIs that rely on security and performance optimizations. Change the desired API level of your app to at least 26."

  • What solution are you using after having exported from Construct to Cordova in order to make your apk ?

    I encountered a similar issue, in the past weeks, with someone using cocoon.

    And likely the issue is on their side since they do the final export.

    Out of Construct, you get a API level 26 android 8 ready Cordova project.

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  • Really. I'm using Cocoon ... I'll try another alternative to check. Thank you!

  • I am having the same problem, some solution??? fabiocarvalho

  • Ludei sent an email recently notifying they updated cocoon IO to work with API level 26.

    Check their documentation and be sure to use their appropriate software.

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