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  • I've recently tried to compile my game using CocoonJS since I used their ads function with AdMob, but seemed to have come across some problems. Firstly, after trying to compile it using the launcher method, the game loads black screen and nothing else. I've also tried to create an APK file that should be installed directly on my Android device, but get an "Application Not Installed" error when I try. Does anyone know why? Any bit of help would be greatful as I'm trying to launch before Easter which is in a week.

  • Are you using the "debug_signed" APK file? That is the one you gotta use, not the "release_unsigned".

    Foes your game by chance use any Physics?

  • Black screens are often caused by memory problems. How much memory does c2 say your app will use and how big are your images?

  • I've tried running it under localhost without problems. So maybe it wouldn't be memory problems. And I am using the debug version of the APK. Had a look and the memory used for images is roughly 2.4MB, the collision count maxed out to me 6000 or so per sec.

  • Pariunos, I should have asked before - as you've tried it in the cocoonjs launcher, does it show any error warnings in the debug panel? If you're using physics then some joints and commands can cause failures, for example.

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  • I quit using CocoonJS for the moment and instead using Crosswalk to export to Android as iOS take 2 to 3 weeks for approval anyways and my game was targeted for festive launch. I'll look into the matter for iOS launch in later weeks to see why there was a problem in exporting to CocoonJS launcher. There wasn't any errors when debugging, which is why it puzzled me.

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