Can I export events from a sheet to another?

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  • Greetings,

    I'm new to construct 2 and game development itself.

    I understand how the event sheet works in construct 2, however i noticed, if you put too many events on a sheet, it will start to bug out and not recognize some events.

    I'm having fun creating a 2d platform game, and i have to put the movement events for the character plus the events for the level/layout in the same sheet everytime... each time I create a new level/layout, I have to put the same movement events for the main character. Maybe its not the right thing to do.

    My question is: can i create a extra layout + sheet which will not be playable, but where I can create the main character and some other characters, create the events for the movement of those characters, and then copy/export those characters for the others layouts? That way the event sheet for each level would only have the events of the level itself, and would import from another sheet the movement of the character making the event sheet simpler and maybe not bugging out.

    I hope you guys understand my issue and sorry for some bad english.


  • You could try to separate game mechanics into separate Event Sheets and then just 'include event sheet'.

    Is that what you mean?

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  • This may solve the problem. So i should create a new sheet and rename it "Main character mechanics". Then i could import that sheet to an object being that object the main character in other layout right?


    EDIT: I just followed the link that you provided and works perfectly. Many thanks, you helped me a lot.

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