How do I export to Cordova while keeping looping music?

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  • Everytime I export Cordova and test the file it seems the music doesn't loop. I'm using the standard loop setting in construct 2. If anyone has a way to fix it or has a different way to make the music loop in the code that would be great! Thank you.

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  • what are you importing your cordova file into? XDK Phonegap? Crosswalk or Android ios?

  • IIntel XDK

  • Intel XDK then using that to build an Android App Using Cordova

  • Yeah i believe the Android build (NOT Crosswalk) you have to include the Media plugin. Also i remember not looping was a bug and i believe what you have to do is in construct make sure your sounds are under Sounds and not music i think thats how i fixed it when using the Android build before i move to crosswalk

  • The loops work in the emulator on intel xdk it's just the apk files doesn't have looping sounds... I tried the media plugin and the third party audio plugin both didn't work.

  • jlunbeatable2 the emulator is emulating the Crosswalk android experience because thats the one intel are actively updating . I just looked at my old xdk Android game the way i hacked music to loop was i made an event.

    use the audio condition on "" ended. at"" put your music tag. Use the action play"" not looping

  • Thanks man that worked!

    Can I ask another qutestion?

    About optimization it appears my app only runs decently on Highend phones such as Galaxy s5 any reason why this is happenning?

  • using the sounds instead of music folder worked for me too.

    I used cordova. When I added the Media or Crosswalk plugin it stopped working... so stick with plain cordova and android platform.

    Why would one use the music folder at all? are there any advantages over the sound folder?

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